Photos Of Big Viginas How Do I Make My Photos Really Big When Selling On Ebay?

How do I make my photos really big when selling on Ebay? - photos of big viginas

I noticed that some suppliers great pictures, and I think it's fantastic! I would like to do with me, but can not see how.

I joined Auctiva This means you can get great photos when the buyer clicks on the image, but just wondered, as I have, already big.

I hope this makes sense!

If someone can help, I really appreciate it!



bartlidd... said...

There is an option to "expand" your photo is one of the options for the photo. It took a little longer, but it's worth it!

Jordan K said...

Ztail You can have up to 5 photos to download FREE eBay and are very important.

Here's an example: ...

Try Ztail:

Good luck.

Quiet.Bu... said...

First of all, what you do ..... You need to hold the camera to make great photographs.

somewhere in your menu in the camera position will change the size. If this is not the size, then evaluate the pixel. The higher the pixels, most cameras produce a larger image.

skaizun said...

It would help if you told us what they want to sell.

Anyway, do not want seen the pix too big, because there is a big turn off for many buyers who want to see everything in one product, good frame size (for example, nobody has a section through a three-screen pen! see). Moreover, the current growth can be pix appear "fuzzy" or blurred, which is also a big turnoff.

The details are much more important than the pictures. Take a decent picture (more of an angle, where most of the time, it is not!), And you use any photo editing software you have to cut and / or reduced to 200 x 200 pixels (300 x 300 is better, 600 x 600 is a reasonable limit), then type no more than 5 sentences describe the product.

The best ads are simple, short and sweet, with no more than two displays, the value put on the screen, except material eBay automatically added.

Good luck!

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