Small Bubble Inside Mouth Very Small Clear Bubbles Inside Lip?

Very small clear bubbles inside lip? - small bubble inside mouth

It is clear that these very small bubbles in my lip. are allowed only in other parts of my mouth. Which are camouflaged with the inner edge. Color. I do not know if I ever had. i dont think is normal. I cold sores. What are they?


a k said...

These are simple mucinous cysts. There are many salivary glands very, very small (microscopic) on our lips. that secrete saliva. Sometimes the holes are blocked and saliva collects in them. The blisters in the mouth. These channels are filled with clear fluid.

parkermb... said...

a certain type of herpes

gingerbr... said...

It was confiscated. I was of some wounds in the mouth, very red lips swollen nn support. I went to a doc n he said it was a virus attack, usually when the immune system is weak. Disappear a few days after onset of symptoms.
They feel no pain u? except for a few days to see if it disappears. To take vitamins, more water, sleep, so if they get worse, look at a document.

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